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Asia’s Got Game

108 Media has teamed with to develop, produce, and distribute Asia’s Got Game.

This multi-platform reality tv show will offer contestants a chance to sign a professional contract with one of the world’s top esports companies and nab the title of Asia’s next great gamer.

The show will have crossover programming throughout the week via game streams, social media and a new esports league. 

Raiford Cockfield, CEO of, said: “We’re excited to introduce esports and professional gaming to an even broader audience in Asia, show how far the industry has come, and give a real chance to local gaming creative talent to turn their passion into a lucrative career.”

Justin Deimen, president of production and development for 108 Media, added: “This is the format that the industry and audiences have been waiting for since the potential of the esports and gaming industry as a new entertainment standard became clear. We’re looking at organically linking stories, engagement and personalities to the grit and natural excitement of organised gaming and tournaments.”

The first season is slated to go into production in early 2020.